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How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

How long should a Car Battery Last?  Fewer things can as frustrating as jumping into the driver's seat on a frosty morning, turning the key and nothing happens. Frigid weather can cause trouble with a Car’s Battery. Car Batteries don't have to work too hard in the summer, but when the temperature drops and the winter chill sets in then it has to work even harder, and if it wasn't fully charged before or passing our conductor test (which we do with every courtesy inspection) then you need to stay alert because it's that time of the year that your Battery is prone to failure. If your Car Battery is old, now may be the time to replace it. Batteries differ in how long they last, but many last anywhere from five to 10 years. If your car is still running on its original Battery and your car is several years old, it may be a good idea to get a new Battery before the arrival of winter or to at least have it's strength tested.  #ColdisComing   #Haveyourcarready  #AutoFixHen…
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It's close to winter time here in Minnesota and one of the primary things people are thinking about is how they're going to get around in the snow. You may be realizing you need some better Tires, so you call up your local repair guy and say "hey, I need New Tires" and the first question they ask is "what size"? And if your like me your response may be something like this...well, um, how would I know that?

Here is a quick and easy quid to finding your Tire Size:

The Tire Size for your vehicle can be found in two different locations
1. On the sidewall of your Tire
2. On a sticker located on the inside frame of the drivers side door

If you're looking at the sidewall of your Tires you will see several numbers. You are specifically looking for ones with a similar number pattern to - 255/55R18.

The first three numbers indicate the width of the Tires, the next two numbers indicate the ratio of the sidewall while the last number indicates the diameter of the r…

Welcome To Auto Fix DIY auto repair!

Welcome to the Auto Fix do it yourself auto repair blog, I started this blog so I could reach out and help as many people as possible with their automotive questions and be of assistance to the do it yourselfers, I will have repair information available at request if it comes to that, this is something new for me so please bear with us as we get this thing started, thank you for visiting!